The Best You Can Be

This is not another diet! In fact it isn't a DIET at all!
No Expensive food to buy! NO liquid diet.
THIS is a permanent change.

            This is a subject Mr. Pelletier knows about first hand. A certified hypnotism instructor, he holds a BA in Psychology from The King’s College and a Master of Divinity (MDiv) from Westminster Theological Seminary. An ordained Minister, Lee holds multiple certifications and has wide experience helping groups and corporations develop into high performing teams.

            Through hypnosis, Lee has gotten rid of more than 100 pounds in 2 years, and has kept it off. He is still growing slimmer and healthier.

           Everyone needs to eat to say alive. But you have to learn how to manage your old habits and change your attitude to a healthier style of eating; away from instant gratification. Deprivation is not the answer to a permanent solution, learn to make use of your subconscious mind! You needn't get sucked into buying expensive meals. What happens when you eventually need to rejoin the real world? Try a simpler, less expensive method to change your life. Hypnosis.

The Truth About Weight Control

Did you know:--

• Almost 80% of Americans are overweight?
• About 30% of Americans are so overweight that their bodies are suffering long term damage?
• Being overweight can damage your knees, ankles and legs making it harder to be physically active?
• Overweight people are much more susceptible to diabetes, heart disease & high blood pressure.
• Approximately 90% of all weight loss programs (other than hypnosis) result in a net weight gain within one year?

Your weight may be influenced by:

• Emotions
• Stress
• Age and Gender
• Physiology & Genetics
• Prescription medications
• Conditioning to go after instant gratification

Get Rid of Excess Weight Permanently!

Move weight management from punishment, deprivation and will-power to simple and natural healthy eating. You can get off the Rollercoaster—stop the Yo-Yo dieting lifestyle.

The keys to getting rid of weight are simple and hypnotically reinforced.
• Enjoy food more while eating less
• Come to prefer healthier foods
• Develop the habit of listening to your body
• Discover enjoyable activities that will help you burn fat.
• Uncover hidden pleasures in foods that leave you feeling energetic and satisfied.
• Learn secrets of contentment
• Experience delight as you see your slimmer, healthier self emerging from your formerly overweight body.
• Say goodbye to diets forever!
• Say goodbye to excess weight forever!!!

How Can Hypnosis Help Get Rid of Weight?

           Everyone fighting their personal battle with weight is different . Hypnosis works at the subconscious level, where the urge to eat even though you are not hungry originates.

           One or two sessions is rarel y very helpful in getting rid of weight, long-term. We work with you to help you unleash your own inner resources to help you let your slimmer and healthier self emerge. Our approach rejects denial and deprivation.

           Our four session start-up protocol helps you get on the right track, inwardly. We work to help you overcome the urges to eat when you are not hungry, and to help you enjoy healthier foods more and enjoy weight increasing foods less.

           We offer ongoing coaching to help you keep growing slimmer and healthier .


LeeLee Pelletier

The Best You Can Be