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Tuition Information

Dates for the class are from July 12-July 19.  
Autumn dates are every Saturday from October 2nd through November 20th.  
Winter dates are every Tuesday and Thursday from January 11, 2011 through April 14, 2011.

$1995 for the training, the initial payment is $250, with a $200 discount if the balance is paid in full 2 weeks prior to the class beginning. This would bring the prepayment price to $1795.

Tuition payment can be made by using the PayPal links provided below.

No discount is available if the registration is in the last 10 days before the class begins, the full payment is due in that case.

An investment of only $1750 prepares you for this exciting new career and includes the complete NGH Certification program. (*Substantial savings when you register early).

Included in the tuition are student manuals designed to serve as reference guides for the rest of your career, various student materials, promotional materials, all the forms you'll need to get started, audio and video tapes and a comprehensive business manual.

$250 Downpayment required to register for the course

Balance Payment Button $1745

Payment in Full more than 10 days before first day of class $1795

Payment in Full required before the first day of class $1995

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Tuition Information
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