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The Best You Can Be


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About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural psychological process in which critical thinking faculties of the mind are bypassed and a type of selective thinking and perception is established. Hypnotherapy is a term to describe the use of hypnosis in a therapeutic context. Hypnotherapy can either be used as an addition to the work of licensed physicians or psychologists, or it can be used in a stand-alone environment.

The Best You Can Be offers expert hypnosis services for individuals and corporations. The benefits of hypnotherapy include weight loss and stress management. It can also be used to assist with quitting smoking. Our owner, a hypnotist, clergyman, and professional speaker of 20 years, is always upgrading his skills with additional training, and personally lost 100 pounds through hypnosis. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Corporate Training—Communicating with Style        

Learn to communicate in the language of your listener. At the end of this 1-day seminar, participants will understand their own preferred language patterns, and be able to recognize, understand, and appreciate the preferred language patterns of others. They will have acquired the skills necessary to adapt for enhanced communication and improved relationship understanding.

Your Attitude Is Showing                                              

It is important to understand the values that drive your choices and recognize the underlying motivators that drive the choices of your clients, customers, and employees. Learn to adapt to achieve mutually beneficial results.

Selling with Emotional Intelligence                                           

Emotional intelligence enables us to both know and manage ourselves well. It is also the tool that helps us understand, manage, and motivate others.

Stop Smoking in 1 Hour                                                           

Unleash the power of your subconscious mind to become tobacco free for life.