The Best You Can Be

Lee Pelletier

The Best You Can Be




History of The Business

Lee has lost 5 family members to smoking-related illnesses. His father died when he was 18 from lung cancer, his mother died at the age of 67 from congestive heart failure due to smoking, his brother Bill died from congestive heart failure in 2000, in May of 2005 his brother Ray died of complications from minor surgery, made worse by smoking, and in December of 2005 his foster sister Loraine died from lung cancer. He decided to fight back by helping others stop smoking and open his own business, which has been operating successfully for 3 years now.

Weight loss is a subject Lee knows about first hand. A certified hypnotism instructor, he holds a BA in Psychology from The King’s College and a Master of Divinity (MDiv) from Westminster Theological Seminary. An ordained Minister, Lee holds multiple certifications and has wide experience helping groups and corporations develop into high performing teams. Through hypnosis, Lee has gotten rid of more than 100 pounds in 2 years, and has kept it off. He is still growing slimmer and healthier.

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