Meet Lee Pelletier

Meet Lee
(Lee Pelletier

The Best You Can Be
417 East German Street, Herkimer, NY 13350.  

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Phone 518-772-5026
Classes for Level 1, & Level 2, Hypnosis Training are starting soon. Call to make your reservation and get details.

Presented for
Hypnotism Professionals Cutting Edge Opportunity


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NEW--Communication Skills Training
Communication Skills for Nutritionists
Communication Skills for Hypnotists

MOST People
Want To. . .
Lose Weight
And Not Go Hungry
I'll Show YOU!

MANY People
Want To . . .

Stop Smoking
Without Pills
I'll Show YOU!

~Start your journey by telling yourself~
Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Ease your Stress
& Control Your Pain.
Change your life right now.
AND I'll tell you how it works.

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Want more information? Do you want to take control of your life? Make an appointment to talk to us. Live at a distance? No problem! Order from our On-Line store.

Accredited Training--Will qualify you for Continuing Education Credits.

Assessments-- Here you can purchase CD's of the training, assess your personal interests and value, talent and skills, and your task quotient.

Corporate Counseling-- Learn how to build a team, select your team and coach your team. Too you will see the DISC Model and 360 degree surveys.

Helpful Tools-- Free for you to make use of right away!

History of the business--The personal motivation for starting the business. Make sure to read this page, Lee has traveled many roads you might be on right now and understands the pain involved.

Hypnosis--Tap into the subconscious mind.

Lee Pelletier--Who is he and what is his vision and special mission?

Medical Hypnosis--How Hypnosis can help your medical problem.

Sales Training--Sales are part of the answer for any business. Become the best salesperson in your company and write your own paycheck! The most difficult sale is to yourself, in your own mind. You will be true to your own attitude. A good salesperson is the answer for any company.

Stop Smoking--Free yourself from using those coffin nails, just give us one hour of your time.

Stress Management--You can manage a heavy load if you learn how to balance it. Don't let your life be consumed by stress and fear.

Team Building Training--Get permission to win, become a leader.

Team Member--Understand and develop what you need for your winning team.

Weight Loss--Use the powers in your mind to lose weight.

Workshops Available--Do you want to make your business suceed? Help your staff learn the attitudes of success and how to use their potential.

We can help you to become
~The Best You Can Be~

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